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Forward i go

😀 I am happy. The stretches worked. Transferring from the wheelchair to the no-arm chair was a lot easier and quicker, with no almost slides to the floor. I stood and sat 3 times in succession, with minimal breaks in … Continue reading

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There is no try only do….

If there is one thing about me that you will surely grasp, if you have not already, is that i really hate failing. I do not like when things do not work the way i plan them, and yes i … Continue reading

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Almost died….

So…let me preface this by saying, i stand. I stand to change my clothes, get into the car, to transfer from the toilet…so you know i stand… Enter the walker…and i try to stand…sigh… First the angle of support is … Continue reading

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Marlon Musique ‎- What is fi yu, cyan be unfiyu…

I believe in that quote. What is to is must is…trini version, jamaican version is the post title 🙂 There are things i did not talk about. The body pain. The spasms that have been getting much more violent and … Continue reading

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To dream or to fear

That has been my sunday morning dilemma. Last night i went to bed dreaming this morning i woke warring with fear. Can this really be done? Will my legs work again as i want them to? Has the time already … Continue reading

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Being S.M.A.R.T

Start Date August 30th/The Walk Back Short Term Goals Standing: Daily start with standing nine times a day in sets of 3’s Each week increase the length of standing time till monthly objective met By the end of the month … Continue reading

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It all started with a post on facebook about sludge. I used to write a lot of notes on facebook and it got to be a lot more popular than i ever realised it would. I would write and my … Continue reading

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