Being S.M.A.R.T

Start Date August 30th/The Walk Back

Short Term Goals

Daily start with standing nine times a day in sets of 3’s
Each week increase the length of standing time till monthly objective met
By the end of the month stand for 5 mins straight
Each month increase by another 5 mins
December 30th will be able to stand for 20 mins straight: 4 months

First month: Be able to make one/two steps away from wheelchair
Second month: Three to four steps away from wheelchair
Third month: Six/eight steps away from wheelchair
Fourth month: Walk the length of the corridor in house

Long Term Goals

Be able to stand and wash dishes in kitchen in 6 months
Never have to ask anyone to get anything that is above me again before 2012
Stand to shower in 6/8 months

Be able to do the corridor in 4 months
Using the bathroom area without wheelchair 6/8 months
Not using wheelchair inside of house 9/12 months

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