Almost died….

So…let me preface this by saying, i stand. I stand to change my clothes, get into the car, to transfer from the toilet…so you know i stand…

Enter the walker…and i try to stand…sigh…

First the angle of support is completely different with the walker, it stands ahead of me and i have to brace leaning forward, and lean forward knees bent to stand with the walker. After twisting turning gasping, and sweating like i just did 40 minutes on my bike i finally stand. And i feel tall…really tall, my body stretches out and im LONG! Then i sit back down and i breathe slow down and wait to try again, cause im tired, im sweaty, i start to feel hungry, im like damn wtf i stand dammit why is this so hard?

I then spend the next hour trying to stand again to no avail…see the first time mid stand there was this dead zone, where i was midway between falling and standing and my legs were not doing anything and my arms were carrying my dead weight and i was going UP UP UP!!!!!! It only lasted a second but it is imprinted in my mind. So everytime i try to stand again and i start slipping forward i remember dead zone feel like im gonna fall and that is the end of trying to stand. So lots of sweat, slipping forward, half starts. I move from my chair to my bed to see if it would be easier…no. I then get a chair with no arms, and i pull the walker in close to simulate arms and on the second try BOOM im tall and up in the air again, without the dead zone.

Sitting back down went shaky though and i almost slid out to the floor….lol they don’t call me adventure Thongs in joke πŸ˜‰

Things i learned today:

This is going to be A LOT of work!

I am going to LOSE A LOT of WEIGHT!

I need to use the no arm chair to do this at least to start with until my body finds its groove.

This makes me tired and hungry, need to rest and fuel myself up to keep doing this.

If my wheelchair had handles this would be easier…because pushing off from the wheels to try to stand is a lot easier and happens very quickly but the wheels are too low for me to complete the move

So in conclusion, this is day one, i am tired, sweaty, wanna go sleep, hungry, and feeling like i was beat up…but i stood twice with the walker and i am a LONG chick who stands tall!

The journey has begun…

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