Marlon Musique ‎- What is fi yu, cyan be unfiyu…

I believe in that quote.

What is to is must is…trini version, jamaican version is the post title 🙂

There are things i did not talk about. The body pain. The spasms that have been getting much more violent and pronounced. The swollen feet that just seem to never want to go away. My tummy spasming, when it never did before. The weight gain and general unease. I did not want to complain or highlight, nor did i want to actively do anything because i told myself this is what being in the chair is, this is how your life is now stop complaining. Besides, i reasoned, that limbo kinda can walk and kinda can’t walk thing was not fun at all! And then there is the strain on my hands, tendonitis is not cool by any measure or standard and extremely painful and immobilizing. It was acceptance of a sort, one that i think was very necessary to my development as the woman i am now.

Now though, i am willing to move and try the limbo again…actually i should probably aim for more than limbo, push beyond that…heh that would be cool 🙂 But i guess once it is up and better than where i am right now, it will be great.

I made the decision last week, in less than 5 days the walker is here, talk about meant to happen! In addition the support, oh my word the support, from friends, family, strangers! Everyone is cheering and wishing me the best and hoping that i make it, it is overwhelming. So overwhelming that just now i started to tear up, i could not believe so many people would wish me positivity. Incredible.

Thank you. To each and everyone of you who are cheering me forward, each word, each exclamation, each smile means more than i can ever express 🙂

So now…enough gibber gabber…enjoy the pics of the walker, asap i am going to link with Jimmy Hackett and his friend Warren Le Platte to change it from ole ppl grey to sumtin more suited to my personality heh!

Also, day by day, event by event, expect blog posts, they may not be lengthy or they may be too long rants, but i promise to chronicle this journey. I hope this will be a positive and motivating thing not just for me but for all of you who walk with me as well. Thank you ever so much again.

Thanks especially to Rachel P who planted the seed in my head, for D who told me what he saw, Zaaki for bribing me with red shorts and telling me to DO IT, Cher for hooking me up so that i paid literally half price for the walker, my mom and sis for smiling and saying yes you can do it, and my dad for smiling and supporting and being the transport dude 🙂 Thanks G for telling me to be s.m.a.r.t even though i did not want to be and every friend like richie, guru, duane, mark, carla, krissy, tommy, tasha, debby who all smiled and in their own way said…IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME! Lol! Thank you 🙂

Expect an update later before i go to bed saying what i was able to do today with the walker.

Enjoy the pics (boring grey ick! but only 4 now)

and the theme song for this journey….bless! Alicia Keys – Wait Till You See My Smile

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