Forward i go


I am happy. The stretches worked. Transferring from the wheelchair to the no-arm chair was a lot easier and quicker, with no almost slides to the floor.

I stood and sat 3 times in succession, with minimal breaks in between. Each time i stood i remained standing for about 15-20 secs probably more each time. I will start timing it by the end of the weekend, so i can give myself time to adjust and get even more comfortable standing for periods of time. The sitting down from standing is kind of shaky and i need to show more care with that…i kind of drop down, which is not good. I also made sure to stand  so i could see my profile in the mirror, and even if i do say so myself i look positively GORGEOUS standing lol! Long and tall and straight is so the look 😉 The transfer back to wheelchair was a lil tricky but once i adjusted the position of the w/c it was easy.

All in all this was a successful day. I wanted to go at it again later but as a concerned party pointed out, my hands were already acting up so it is better to go slow and build over time. The entire exercise took maybe 20 mins give or take a few mins. At the end i was dripping with sweat like i was just training with Billy Blanks, that is to give some idea of the effort it takes, it is most certainly not easy, but it is getting done. (P.S Zaak…that red shorts challenge looking like suck eye if i keep burning this many calories 😉

For tomorrow i need to keep up my stretching, for that matter for the rest of today, keeping the legs moving and loose is important and necessary. Also, i need to focus on putting all the weight on my legs and working towards balancing on them with my hands serving as guard rails not pillars.

Wow another day is done and stuff is happening YAY!!!!!

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