Just one more mommy plz?

And then it was 5.

5 times i stood more controlled, 5 times i sat more controlled, 5 times i stood for at least 10 secs, i have started counted while i stand 🙂

Smoother, less tenseness, less stiffness in legs, even more weight on my legs alone not my hands, which are not hurting today amen.

Less fear.

Started the day on all fours in my bed stretching and warming up my muscles and getting my body accustom to its weight and distribution of its weight. Btw…a$$es weigh more than boobs just so you know lol! Boobs float a$$es do not. You do the math…

Will keep stretching during the day to keep the legs flexible and to ensure that initial stiffness never returns. Wow, this is a workout, seems so simple but yet, it costs so much, but anything worth having right? Exactly….

Blessings all 😉

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