Limits are good :)

I think i reached mine, number-wise for the week. It is 6.

6 stands, 10 secs each = one full minute of standing in the walker per day.

Bahhhhh it is sooooooo far from what i am accustom to, but then it has been many years so patient i must be right? Ick! But ok.

Stretching is really helping, and doing it first thing in the morning even before i leave the bed was a good plan. I can literally see and feel the positive effect it has on my body especially the lower part where it is very much needed so yay that.

I feel weary today. As in my body feels worn and tired. I have to investigate the need to rest vs the need to keep myself moving daily and find a balance. I no longer want days where i dont do anything but sit. So maybe i wont stand with the walker but i will stretch and try other movements on a weekend…maybe…we shall see. When i hear more from a professional source i will move to suit. For now i just have to listen to my body and go at the speed i can.

For some reason today feels like friday lol, but it is not. So far this week though i am very proud of me. This has been great stuff and all i will be going from here is UP!

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2 Responses to Limits are good :)

  1. I am very proud of you babes, You will win this one too.

  2. Thank you kindly Mystie’s Tashy lol!

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