The pain reminds you you are alive…

I did my six today…a strong steady six. Barely a whisper of spasms, so minor mom did not even see it heh. Standing strong and steady and a lot easier and sitting slower and more controlled no dashing or collapsing into the chair.

It hurts though…not pain to make you stop but pain to let you know you are sore and for good reason…which honestly i welcome. This is supposed to be work hard work. And now when i achieve it, i won’t let it slide away again so quickly and easily. My health, my strength and abilities are gifts, hard fought for gifts, that i took for granted. Not anymore.

The weekend is here and i am not sure if i am going to fully rest, how much standing i will do…i know i will continue to stretch. I do not want to be stiff come monday. I feel the weariness though…whew, i am tired, but it is good to be this kind of tired 🙂

By the end of next week i want to be at, at least 9 stands…that is a minute and a half of standing…(argh these numbers still make me upset at what i just let slip away!!!!!!!)….but i am working on it all to get it back…i am i am i am, i will i will i will…

I also think i will do at least 3-4 weeks of standing make sure i am completely comfortable with it, like it should be easy peasy, before i attempt a step. This changes my initial plan a bit, but this is why i am being s.m.a.r.t and i gave myself a full year to get where i want to be.

Building the foundation for the rest of my physical life in rock…Gibraltar type rock 🙂

Thank you Lord, that i can even do this, and thank You for getting the walker to me so quickly, i know everything will unfold as it all should…blessings and Amen.

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