Kick me why don’t you?

So this morning while in bed realising that stretching was not going to happen because my body was not having it, my legs started kicking. I felt sharp pains in my thighs and err loins, and both legs kicked and moved. My mind was a lil bit shocked….so now you guys are kicking me? Okkkk then…this is an exciting journey isn’t it lol.

As i mentioned my body was feeling drained, but i did not want to shirk the standing, so i pushed and yes i did my 8! just like yesterday, except today i experimented with trying to do more straight stand ups without hesitation and also to make my sit downs as fluid as was human possible. Funny thing is it is easy to forget the muscular control it takes to sit down and not fall down, but since i want all muscles to get back into the swing of things, i am making sure to pay attention. So the 8! was done with at least 2 being straight stands, and all my sits were strong even slightly graceful HA! lol…the things that make me joyous…. silly me.

For the 8th stand i made sure i was able to do it for 15 full seconds, i counted out to be certain, while for the others i counted to 10 then idled a lil bit to see if the goal for this week was attainable, and i believe it is. The ninth one was there, but also while working today my legs buckled on me a couple times towards the end, as in i toppled a bit, i recovered but it was a little scary there for a few seconds, so that alongside the way my body was feeling and the errr sharp pains in my wrist…i figured 8! was enough πŸ™‚

The other thing i noticed was that the standing was taking less effort. I was also finishing my stands quicker, smaller breaks in between stands. In addition i was not as sweaty nor was i panting as i was say last week…which tells me the muscles are getting there, slowly but surely it is unfolding as it should…that makes me smile and fills my heart with gratitude πŸ˜€

Woooo, tomorrow we take this show on the road, i have errands to run so the standing will be done as i get in and out of the car out and about tomorrow. Honestly i think that will go easier now given all the daily practice i am getting in now, and it will be great to show off a bit to my family, let them see the benefits translated into something practical.

One thing i know for sure, i want this, i want this through whatever is necessary, but i want it…and i will work my a$$ off to get it…blessings

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2 Responses to Kick me why don’t you?

  1. stephen says:

    I can’t wait to dance with you πŸ™‚

  2. oh my word….but i shall save you one πŸ˜‰

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