Crossing my mind

It has been a contemplative few days. There are many things i am dealing with and sorting through. Inevitably one of them would be…do i really want to do this? And if i do, do i really need to push this hard? Can’t i short cut it a bit? I mean really i am not where i was before so why not avoid some of the icky stuff? Is stretching really helpful? And how much? Can’t i drop that and you know ease up my hands and just do the standing?


So given all these thoughts, there was only one mode of action to take.

I got up and stretched, like i been doing. Then it was time to stand. It started off shaky-ish, i was not feeling as strong as i could have felt or i have felt before and mum even suggested that i only do a few to get my body back in the rhythm given i had taken a few days off.

I considered it. And i did the first 3, then added 3 more. At which point mum was like that is great you can chill there. But i felt i had more in me, so i added 2. Then she said great that was good! I am proud.

So i added 2 more 🙂 Lol, i felt as if i could so i did it.

A grand total of 10 today for 10 secs 🙂 It is clear that the action of standing is no longer the stressful part…holding the stand for a length of time…that is where the work now lies. So at least i am seeing progress and i am seeing where i need to press. This is good, i think…

Sigh so forward i keep going…blessings flow…

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2 Responses to Crossing my mind

  1. Richard Jobity says:

    forward ever, backward never. Every little bit helps…

  2. so i keep telling myself and i keep using that as a reason to do just a lil more everyday…

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