Do i get a cookie now?

It felt like it was going to be a crappy day really it did. I took forever to get off the bed, because before i get off i must do my stretches on my hands and knees, now this seems as though it would be yuh know easy-ish, but oh no, when i am done with those i am sweating, and panting….(i know i know i am begging for the jokes :P)

It took a bit but i got up finally. I was in the middle of the stretches and i felt like crashing seriously, then, Machel’s We Not Giving Up, started playing :D! Talk about a boost of happy energy lol. Hell i stayed on my hands and knees longer than i had to, i was just feeling that recharged.

Fast forward to time to do my stands and again it was a trial to get started. For some reason i just could not transfer, my clothes were either sticking, or my body would not turn right, i almost fell forward on the floor, it was just not happening. My mom and i even contemplated not doing it today because my body was just not compliant at all. For a second i thought maybe 4 days is my limit this week. I did a lot this week….i made it to 3 mins, up from 1 minute and change at the beginning of the week. But the legs were feeling like they were able to push, so i didn’t let it get to me i pushed through and finally transferred. The first stand was seriously off though. My left ankle refused to behave and arched against the floor making the stand very dangerous and i had to sit quickly. After that i took a few minutes to re-settle because i knew what goal i had in mind and i wanted to get it today. Yesterday was great, but i wanted a particular goal today.

11 stands (didn’t count the first one at all) each at 20 secs. Final stand i stayed for 30 secs on my feet. In the last 5 stands i began to consciously sway and rock from one leg to the other trying to get myself accustomed to shifting my weight which you need to do to walk, that actually went well 🙂

The goal was 4 mins today….i did 4 mins and 10 secs…so next week i just have to add 50 secs and i will make my 5 minute goal at the end of week 4. I do not know if i can pull it off but i will for damn sure try.

Right now i feel like i want to just collapse i am so burnt out…but somewhere in my legs there has to be at least one muscle going….hey i remember this…which makes this feeling oh so worthwhile:)

Ohh yeah here are a couple more pics of the bruises blooming full and in living colour….happy blessed weekend people be safe….i shall be busy getting my hair done and SLEEEEEEEEPPPPIIINNGGGG!!!!!!!! all weekend long 😀


Walker Hickie part 3

Walker Hickie

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