I will

I am tired. I know i say that a lot, but really today…. i am tired. I am really glad i sit and read or write for a living, because doing anything else…i am not sure i could have done this and work.

I never enjoyed resting on a weekend as much as i did this weekend. These numbers i am reaching come at a physical cost. Happily though my hands are doing pretty decently, talk about a miracle…one i am ever grateful for Amen and Thank You Jesus!

Today while stretching i realised that i was on my way to walking again, i actually felt it from the inside of me. All this time i was hoping and wishing and working hard. But today while on my knees i knew it. I knew that these exercises were the way to go and i was pushing myself far enough, and the response from my body was a great thing. It is very inspiring to believe in yourself, you feel a lot more confidence. Thankfully that confidence came today as i wanted to yet again up the length of time i would be standing for with the walker.

Can i go back to how i am tired? Yeah? Ok great…i am tired lol.

Today: 11 at 25 secs and 1 at 30 secs = 5 mins and 5 secs.

I will be staying here this week, building my stamina at this point and will increase it next week. But 5 mins standing is a great place IMO to build a nice lil plateau, make sure the muscles feel comfortable, and prepare myself for my first step.

Forgive me if this post is a bit disjointed, sincerely, today took a bit out of me. For a few minutes there neither mom nor i knew if i could make the 12. God is always good though so i pressed and pursued till i was done.

And now i head back to work….the deadlines do not stop woohoo!….have a great evening πŸ™‚

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3 Responses to I will

  1. TriniSpirit says:

    You keep improving, that’s wonderful. By God’s grace and your determination, you will walk again. *hugs & a cookie*

  2. YAY!!!!!!! For cookie :D! You know i better get a cookie when i see u right? Otherwise is me u πŸ˜›

  3. TriniSpirit says:

    LOL cookie safe. πŸ˜€

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