Half of a second….

That was my total standing time today. Slightly (lol) less than what i have been racking up.

It started off just fine, my stretches were great, i am getting a lot more flexible and able to do more on my knees, i even looked over in the mirror and saw myself and was amazed at the difference in my body movement. As the day carried forth though, my right leg began to kinda throb with a numb dull pain…i stretched it out and did not take it on as i have felt it before and worked through it before.

Then i went to do a normal stand transfer in the bathroom….all i felt was a sharp pain in my left foot and down i started heading…VOOM!

Thankfully i have really strong arms that can support my body weight, because right there and then, my legs were not working at all. Talk about swing like a monkey back into my chair. I managed to get back safely into the chair and took a couple minutes to make sure i was decent. I am, but today we take a break. Tomorrow we will try again, but today the legs will not co-operate.

So it goes sometimes. Usually right about now i would be disappointed or upset. I am really not. It probably has to do with the fact that for the week, i have already stood for 10 minutes and 15 secs…I did that in two days :D! The five minute goal was scheduled to be hit this friday, exactly 4 weeks since i got the walker. I hit it early 🙂 So i am just grateful. No standing today but so much gratitude.

My body is changing for the better. My self- attitude and appreciation is improving wonderfully. And i am motivated for all the right reasons. So in spite of almost falling and breaking something, i am happy blessed and forever determined to walk again!

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4 Responses to Half of a second….

  1. TriniSpirit says:

    Thank God you’re okay. Get some good rest.

  2. Dread i so grateful eh…as the pain hit i just stiffened my arms ….yes rest is essential

  3. DPaladin says:

    There will always be days like that… sometimes u shock urself with ur own ability, other times its like…”BUT I COULD DO THIS YESTERDAY!!!”
    All part of the process

  4. but duane…i want to palance….:P

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