just wow i suppose

I am not feeling very eloquent today so this will be short. Honestly i was not feeling good. I was feeling the kind of tired that makes your bones feel weary. And my legs kept spasm-ing and i thought maybe another rest day is needed. But i know i have to be out tomorrow, and then it is the weekend, so i figured…at least try.

And so i did. It went awful. The first one was barely 15 secs, i wanted to sit back down after 10 secs. Then i tried a second one and managed to only get to 15 secs again. At this point i was shaking, feeling exhausted, and dripping like i was just splashing about in a pool, and seriously i thought i was done. I pulled my wheelchair and was about to transfer back to it. But, as i sat there, my legs felt ok. I felt the blood surging and they were feeling like they had more in them….and even though mom saw me and said to stop for the day and start back monday….i felt like i could at least do maybe 5….just to keep the legs active, because 4 days is a long time to go without really pushing it.

Then the following happened: (recap 2 stands @ 15 secs so far)

2 stands @ 25 secs…..1 stand @ 45 secs…..1 stand @ 50 secs….1 stand @ 60 secs….1 stand @ 40 secs….1 stand @ 60 secs

9 stands for a grand total of 335 secs or 5 mins 35 secs….

Lol and i wanted to quit today 🙂 I did not make the regular 12, but i managed to make more standing time in less stands….somehow i think this might be better…i could be wrong…quite frankly i do not care, because in there were 2 full minutes where i stood for myself…so HA!

Now i am going to go lay down and sleep till tomorrow…thank you and goodnight!!!!!!!!

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