Duane did warn me…

Thankfully i did pay attention and listen to him…this one time πŸ™‚

Before i started this journey, my friend duane sat me down and talked to me about the fact that some days i will be great and then some days will seem more like step backs than anything else and i had to be mentally prepared to deal with both. He probably thought i was not paying him any mind but in truth, i did listen and store that lil nugget away just in case.

He has this really annoying way of being perpetually right….but i love him anyway :P. This week, my body feels beaten up. I am waking up, feeling more weary than when i went to bed. I’m starting to feel as if i may be getting a flu, just general wear and tear. Now usually when i am hit with these types of roadblocks i start beating up on myself, thinking i am doing something wrong or i am not pushing hard enough and then i proceed to try to push through no matter what. Which explains why duane who knows me for years now wanted to pre-warn me about days like these.

Surprisingly, some maturing seems to have happened in me from the beginning of this process to now. I do not feel like i am doing anything wrong or even being lazy. I just feel tired and i accept it for what it is. (Maybe i am too tired to feel any guilt ha ha). In my mind i have been working hard when i could, and it seems sensible to rest when my body calls for it. So, i just will.

Heh…don’t i sound grown up tee hee πŸ™‚

In addition, in the back of my mind i am already planning a kick ass come back where i can stand and push even harder because i will be very well rested πŸ˜€ But for now, i have to remember that even superman took time out to lime with lois and even chill in his fortress of solitude from time to time….so who am i not to, when i need to.

Hopefully this time off will do wonders for my body so that i can press forward and continue on this journey to regain what was misplaced, not lost apparently, just put somewhere safe until i came to reclaim it again…

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