It hurts

Like i cannot even begin to describe…not just physically, but mentally, and in my spirit. But i fight another day, another time, i push. The tears welled up today as i tried, and accomplished the goal i set when i started.
I was going to take the week off, however my legs were actually hurting and over-spasming due to the lack of exercise, so i knew i had to try.
And since i am not sure how much i will be able to do say tomorrow…i figured i would try my best to push past 6 minutes….well mission accomplished…it hurt….i almost fell but recovered…and i began to move around the walker while standing to try and get comfy doing that since that is what i have to do in order to make a step…sigh

I am trying so hard and as i sit here wanting to just burst….We Not Giving Up starts to play…sigh….one day at a time….blessings…

Stand                   Length of Time
1st                        60 secs
2nd                      60 secs
3rd                      60 secs
4th                      60 secs
5th                      40 secs
6th                      40 secs
7th                      40 secs
8th                     40 secs

In total 6 minutes and 40 secs…..

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