Ok, so maybe i did too much

My back, my hips, my legs, my wrists….all hurt, not pretend hurt, but in a way that i am breathing carefully and moving slowly kinda hurt….

Did i go too far? Perhaps, who is to say? Maybe i have to learn to temper my desire to push towards my goals and walk again with care and respect for my body and its current abilities. I knew it was going to be an interesting day as i got on my knees and involuntarily cried out in pain….sigh…

They say no pain no gain, and i stick to that except for the fact that, because i lack a certain amount of control over my body, when i get a pain it just reacts. And that could be anything from just giving out, to something more nasty…let’s not speculate….

So i need to take this one day at a time, and keep pushing, but still remember to take care of me….hope you all are doing the same…bless!

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