Getting back into it


After what seems like forever i wanted to end this week with some physical work because my legs were begging for it, and more importantly i finally felt i was able to again.

I need to change up how i do this, because my body really hated me for a long while there. I will reconsider and try some new things next week.

Since this was the first day back, i wanted to focus more on making sure my body still remembered how to do the standing thing and less on stamina.

So i figured i would do 15 stands, as quickly and completely as i could. And i did just that. The shocking part was how quickly i managed to pull it off. I did the transfer and 15 stands in exactly 14 mins! I was very shocked and very pleased.

My body is getting back into the groove of standing quickly wooohooo!!!!!! And yuh know 15 is not a bad number heh!

Next week I will start back at the hardcore stamina stuff, maybe i will mix in a couple days of just plenty standing up to change it up and give my body a break without actually taking a real break. We shall see….

Thus the walk back continues…blessings!

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One Response to Getting back into it

  1. DPaladin says:

    U never completely lose it….. glad to see ur back on the horse!

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