Steady i go

I am still scared, but as i remembered today, being brave and accomplishing goals are not about not being scared they are about being scared but doing what scares you anyway. That is one thing i have learned in the last few years of my life. The other really important lesson i now have ingrained in me is that the things you try might not land you where you planned to be, but the effort is never in vain. And more often than not, you end up in that place you never knew existed but was exactly where you were born to be.

That is my comfort today. I do not know where i will end up by doing all of this, but i am sure it will be somewhere i need and was supposed to be. And along the way, i have no clue what positive and wondrous things may result just because on a day at the end of August i decided to stand up again.

My legs are loving it though. I can feel this yummy tingling in them when i work them out. Like the blood is flowing again, they feel useful and i see the cellulite disappearing lol. They do more now and feel stronger. They feel more alive, and that feels awesome. In addition my whole body is getting a work out, my arms, my tummy, they too are feeling the effects of this new journey. I get that flushed exercise people face now, i love the way it looks lol!

Mmmm yes i am scared but i am pressing forward. This week, i will be stabilizing at 7 mins on monday, wednesday, and friday, while tuesday and thursday will be devoted to doing 20 stands as quickly as i can. Hopefully the change up will be less brutal on my body and it will not feel so destroyed every couple of weeks.

So today’s mission was accomplished…20 stands, in about 20 mins or less 🙂 My legs feel tingly, warm, and great….the blood flows and i am tired, flushed, but happier…still scared, but more positive….

Forward is the motion 😉

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2 Responses to Steady i go

  1. TriniSpirit says:

    This is what I love to hear! Keep positive, Mystie, and fulljoy it all the way.

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