Back in DA Black!!!!


As you may gather i am a lil excited today :D! Just a lil bit, but i feel as though i have good reason to be. For you see yesterday’s workout was me pushing myself, pushing myself so hard that i woke up today moving much slower than my granny. My WHOLE body hurt. My chest, my tummy, my legs were stiff, i mean it was pain and stiffness all over. I felt tired, was not sure how i was going to survive the day out of bed. But i have deadlines to meet and the only way not to suffer this whole weekend in pain would be to still exercise today, loosen the body and burn out that lactic acid.

It was blisteringly hot today though, and given my state i waited till it was cooler and later in the day before i worked out. That seems to have been a fantastic idea, because i was just sparking today. The aim was 20 stands, and i pulled it off, in 15 minutes!!!!!!!!!

It was just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom! I was just knocking out these stands straight up in the air quick, strong and steady 🙂

Oh it felt good to do that, so freaking good lol!

Today started off so hard and slow and now, now i feel like i am truly back and on my journey in a serious way. I remember when doing 5 stands was such a big deal and it took me awhile to do it, i remember being happy with 8…lol now i am knocking off 20 in 15 mins.

Who say God is great? I do, i surely do!


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