And this week shall be dubbed, Push Through The Pain week…well i guess everyday cannot be super. The most annoying part is that i finally work out a cool regime and the first week of the said regime i have to change it, lol! I mean really is that classic make plans while God laugh stuff or what?

So monday we all remember i was only able to wring out 7 mins, well yesterday was not so much fun, my hands hurt. For those who may have missed it, i have tendonitis in both hands which flares up every now and again. It is painful. It stops me from doing anything at all. I hate it, because it really makes me feel helpless. Now this whole walk back thing is not easy on my hands but thus far thankfully it has not really stopped me from exercising and doing all i have been. Ha ha till yesterday of course đŸ™‚ My initial thought was to just wait till later in the day to exercise give my hurting hands some time to calm down. Yeah….no such luck, so my day off shifted to yesterday and today i worked on the multiple standing thing.

Well my body felt achy, hands, neck, erm hips and that rotund thing i does tote around, all felt achy and stiff and not so hot. But pshhh was not about to miss today too.

So, i pulled off 20 stands, not as quickly as 15 mins, but around 20 mins or so, needed to take longer breaks in between due to how the body was feeling.

Sigh, at least i did it right? Small mercies, big gratitude, and another day survived. God alone knows what tomorrow will bring….heh!

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