Every day is fishing day but…

Not everyday is catching day. That in one sentence has been this week for me. This was a weak week for my body. Yesterday was a no-go and today i did all of 3 one minute stands. Sigh. I am disappointed, but i do know that this is real life. This is what it means to be human.

Our mind conceives possibilities and all our body could do is try its best to achieve it. My consolation is that at least i did not give up or really give in. Even if it was only 3 minutes, i did it and pushed myself to do the best i could. Of that i know i should be proud and to be honest, i am truly proud.

I must really be growing up if i am as proud of 3 minutes as i was of 8, lol. I guess the lesson of it all being about the effort, and not the actual achievement is finally after many years sinking in.

All that inside, outside, and aside though, here’s hoping i rest well this weekend and next week i am able to go at it again, stronger than ever.


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