The costs

4 one minute stands today.

I have not done this really in two or more weeks, the reason, tendonitis flared very painfully in both hands. Which made eating, holding a spoon, painful. So painful i had to take a spoonful in, wait awhile then next spoonful…etc. Hell even brushing my teeth hurt smh.

I cannot push to get my legs to a certain level at the expense of my hands, because without my hands i am all sorts of screwed. Before i started back this week, i had decided to stop pushing for longer stand times, and instead focus on mastering a shorter time, so that i would still be working out my legs, but reducing the stress on my hands. I figured 5 minute sessions, mixed in with 15 – 20 stands, but now i may have to also reduce the number of times a week i do this. Maybe down to 2 – 3 times a week, instead of 4. I dunno, i think this might have to be played by ear.

All i do know is that the cost to my hands, arms and shoulders is real and painful, and it is something i have to be very careful about.

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