Almost forgot lol

I exercised today :D!

Yesterday i was out and about so i did my standing up and down thing in the midst of the running around. I have to say, i get in and out of the car a lot easier than before, and if nothing else i love that benefit a whole lot. I think the most impressive gain is that i fear less the idea of depending on my legs to hold me upright as i maneuver my body to sit in the car.

Today i experimented all how again, with standing for my full minutes, and trying my hardest to not put extra strain on my hands…this will take some doing mainly because i do need my hands for balance and to help hold me up as well…its like trying to stand on legs you know are there but you can’t exactly feel and on legs you are not sure will not just collapse on you. Sigh…yes jah jah, yuh give me a special life indeed…oh well, i live it and i am thankful for it yes. But anyway, my hands are needed to brace me. What i think i should remember, and use as inspiration is the fact that i can stand using my own strength, because i remember when other people and things/tools had to be used to help hold me upright. So at least, i am not there anymore, i can use my own body strength to be vertical so yay!

I made my 5 one minute stands today, not easy but it got done. Tomorrow i will hope to not wake up in pain, and see what i can pull off.

Waiting and walking in hope as always….:)

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