Still here still pushing

I have just gotten a lil quiet about it. I guess my quieter side has pushed to the forefront and is making me just do and talk less.
I have to remember though that this is how i keep track of my progress and what i am doing, so i will push to talk more.

The five, one minute stands are coming along nicely. I picked the perfect number that does not kill my wrists but most definitely kills my legs and my entire body. So i work out and push myself, and yet still i am able to recover and continue with my day. Not a bad trade off. What i cannot wait to see is how this 5 minutes will feel in a month when my muscles have gotten used to it. I look forward in fact to that point, very much so.

Imagine that, joy is to be able to stand for 5 one minute sessions with me not feeling any stress…lol life yes.

Nothing ever happens as you plan it, i know that by now, and still, i get surprised by the surprises, very silly of me, but i suppose it makes everyday an interesting one, right? Yeah i think so too.

I continue to walk forward 🙂

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